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  1. PinkRoseLacus Mar 27, 2012

    feel free to join the group! =)
    we're glad to have new members here.

  2. ScarletHibiki Mar 26, 2012

    may i join this group? ^^

  3. HaouJudai6 Mar 26, 2010

    wow nice page hope i get accepted kira is ansome

  4. 3m3rald-o9 Mar 19, 2010

    -_+> hey minna-san..! ^^
    -_+> thanks for accepting me.. ^^
    -_+> hi to all the members and admins.. ^^
    -_+> take care.. ^^

  5. Fersy25 Sep 22, 2009


  6. dlSwedney-Toddlb Jul 14, 2009

    In some of ur pictures Kira looks like he has to much hair. But also he looks "fruity" as in girly! XD

  7. JuliaMotoko May 19, 2009

    Hello! :)

    I wanted to say hi to all!

  8. nisnoopy3 Apr 23, 2009

    Hello everyone!

    Vote is having a contest to find who is the Smartest Character (Male Divison) and the Most Ecchi Character (Female Division). We will appreciate if anyone from the The-Ultimate-Coordinator to help us to look for the "one" to be crown the Most Smartest and Ecchi Chara in the world of anime! Please help us to find the suitable winner by nominate as many as possible in this nomination thread:

    Thanks for your time. :)

  9. Zaza4 Feb 14, 2009

    Welcome our new members, Azukis-san and Choows-san. ^__^

  10. EevaLeena Aug 29, 2008

    My Newest Vector: Fight for the Future

  11. meanpunk7777 Aug 28, 2008

    hi everyone woooo!

  12. PinkRoseLacus Jul 26, 2008

    oh, it's ok, josette-san^^
    everyone's been really busy...even me :D
    well, i really hope that we'll be doing something here in the group soon if we got's sooooooo dead quiet already. members rarely drop by T_T

  13. jojanettelacus1 Jul 15, 2008

    Sorry Guys,...I'm really busy :( works were killing me ;O ...Just drop by because of this:
    My Newest Wall: *Tears of Love*

    If you like it, pls. Add it to your faves XD..Thank You!

  14. gel-chan Jun 15, 2008

    This group is dead! We should do something! XD

  15. saki-xan Jun 01, 2008

    Welcome to the news members ^___^

  16. pinkchan22 May 29, 2008

    yea ! thanks for inviting me to be part of the group! I really like the group page.And of course I love KIRA! He's my fav charac. in both series because he's so kind.

  17. kumang May 24, 2008

    im here.. i did it i join this grop! good night to all ;)

  18. Zaza4 May 19, 2008


  19. PinkRoseLacus Mar 12, 2008

    Just dropping by to say HI to all XD

  20. jojanettelacus1 Feb 27, 2008

    My Newest Wallie: *Last Resort*

  21. saki-xan Feb 21, 2008

    New Button ^^

  22. Zaza4 Feb 16, 2008

    Happy Valentine Day to all of you!
    I will be inactive for sometime because my computer have some problems...-__- ( Always have problems...) So sorry!>.< But I'll try my best to be active.!^0^

  23. Aiira Feb 15, 2008




  24. shurei-KO7890 Feb 09, 2008

    wow.. nice music.... i am so glad i joined this group hey , jojonette-dono nani mo indeska?

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